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Sometimes fiction.
Sometimes biography.
Always historical.

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Jo Haraf seeks out forgotten people whose stories need to be told.

In her fiction, biography, and history, you’ll meet engaging, and sometimes annoying, men and women you’ll be unlikely to forget.

Her latest book, Marriage, Murder, and Betrayal in Nineteenth Century California is available for pre-order from

Latest Posts

Not Silk, Plaid

When not intimidated by his second wife, James Black railed against her spendthrift habits. “I’ll not cover her back in silk out of my money,” he thundered during an atypically long monologue. After Black’s death in 1870, the oft-wed Widow Black traded her usual taffeta for a riotous plaid dress, immortalized in a luxurious settingContinue reading “Not Silk, Plaid”

Don Timoteo’s Adobe

Adobe, Spanish for “mud brick,” refers to both the air-dried bricks of earth, water, and straw or dung as well as the buildings constructed from those bricks. For centuries, adobes have served as building materials, especially in arid locations. In 1830s Marin County, California. Timothy Murphy built a two-story adobe home, headquarters for his frequentContinue reading “Don Timoteo’s Adobe”

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