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Sometimes fiction.
Sometimes biography.
Always historical.

Jo Haraf seeks out forgotten people whose stories need to be told. In her fiction, biography, and history, you’ll meet engaging, and sometimes annoying, men and women you’ll be unlikely to forget.

Purchase your copy of Marriage, Murder, and Betrayal in Nineteenth-Century California from the Marin History Museum and support the museum’s many worthwhile projects. Marriage, Murder, and Betrayal is also available at

Marriage, Murder, and Betrayal was featured in the February 2022 issue of Marin Magazine. Enjoy the story how the Black Family story came to be.

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Latest Posts

Stamp That Tax

From British Colonial days to America’s Civil War, governments foreign and domestic used stamps to levy taxes.

The Greening of Marin

In the 1800s, the Irish flocked to the United States to earn a living and worship in peace. As new citizens, they contributed much to America and Northern California.

Voter Fraud!

Voter fraud and the murder of James King of William launched San Francisco’s second Committee of Vigilance in 1856.


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